He is rapping on the mic 'bout a problem to fix

He's doing it right with a bag of tricks

I am back in the place where I want to be

where the beat is setting me free!

DAMOKLES, the godfather of synth, goes live!

He will be performing at Retro Future Festival in Malmo - Sweden on March 30! He has prepaired a very special live set for the occasion on his new keytar!

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The DJ’s hot on the wheels of steel
with a brand new bag and the feelin’s real
The crowd is going wild to the hot new sound
gettin’ crazy on the stomping ground

AboutThe Artist

Damokles is the current name of an artist of many ages. In many aspects he never left the 80’s and in others he is ahead of his time.

He was there, actually there, during the magical years of disco and the birth of electronic music.

As a D.J., M.C., show artist and piano entertainer in clubs and on the radio in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Spain he has been part of bringing enormous amounts of music to the masses.

Even though his music spans over many genres it always seems to bounce back to synth pop with influences from Kraftwerk, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Human League and Gary Numan. But you can also hear a touch of Sugar Hill Gang, Jonzun Crew, Afrika Bambaataa, Jean Michelle Jarre, Georgio Moroder and many others in there.

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